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Lasting Values for Our Children
Enjoy the newest blog post from Mark Ruhala!
“Lasting Values bring a sense of peace and inner knowing, self-assurance and inner trust. These personality traits will help our children from falling into victimization. When our children feel left out or not popular, we can reinforce the idea that their self-worth is not dependent on “friends”, especially friends who do not act like friends. We can let them know that being themselves is richer and healthier than forcing themselves to act a certain way to gain friends or status.” Click here to Read More

Mark Ruhala, Founder and Artistic Director
 In 2004, Broadway and Entertainment veteran Mark Ruhala, along with his wife Celina, founded the Ruhala Performing Arts Center. It was their own personal effort to bring a professional art, dance, and theater arts studio to the Lansing area: an area that Mr. Ruhala has always known as home. As owners and Co-Artistic Directors, Mark and Celina continue to feed their passion and excitement for the arts in molding today’s young minds, bodies, and-in many cases-careers, by sharing their talents and professional experiences with their students. Their enthusiasm is matched only by the passion they both have for the arts, for entertainment, and most of all…for the people they serve.



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