Playwright, Author, Actor, Director, Broadway Veteran and RPAC Founder & Artistic Director  Mark Ruhala has created and offers a detailed curriculum and study course for students of all ages, young actors, amateur or professional that consists of classes and instruction in a variety of acting techniques and methods. Focused primarily on the Meisner Method of Acting, other methods are introduced and studied as well, thereby giving any acting/theater student a well-rounded skill level for which to pursue the craft.

Ruhala Performing Arts Center offers many unique opportunities to perform in ensemble groups, thereby giving RPAC students the opportunity to practice their craft and receive invaluable feedback from a live audience.
From 5 to 105! Ruhala Performing Arts Center has the acting instruction and training for you!


Improv Girl


Teacher: Mark Ruhala

Students will learn the fundamentals of acting in this class: diction, projection, stage presence, stage directions, working off their partner, basic script work and improvisation. Many exercises in the class come from the acting work of theater practitioner Sanford Meisner. The aim is always to discover natural impulses combined with emotional truthfulness. Scene work and monologue work will be introduced and taught through the axiom “acting is the reality of doing in imaginary circumstances”. Students will gain confidence, poise and good public speaking skills in this acting course. This is an excellent course for beginning actors who want to get a taste for acting through actors with more experience who want to hone their skills!
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Age: 5-7; 8-12
Teacher: Mark Ruhala

Students will learn the basics of acting: diction, projection, stage presence, stage directions, working off their partner, basic script work and improvisation. The aim is always to discover natural impulses combined with emotional truthfulness.  Scene work and monologue work will be introduced and taught through the axiom “acting is the reality of doing in imaginary circumstances” students will gain confidence, poise and good public speaking skills in this acting course.
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Teacher: Mark Ruhala

Here’s where you can really have fun! Perform your characters and learn how to make them funnier and more dramatic! We play many theater games and learn why “yes, and” is the basic rule of Improv. This is a safe and supportive class to try new things and enjoy being free. In school we think before we act, in Improv we act before we think! We use music and pantomime and props to bring lots of characters into scenes. Learn how to create a good scene that entertains and cracks up an audience! Come jump in and have some fun. Improv is for everybody!
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(Performing Group!)

Learn to be a true actor ready for the big screen or the proscenium stage! For serious minded students who want to explore the craft of acting. Ruhala Performing Arts Center acting work stems from many different techniques, yet Meisner technique is the main mode of instruction. Contemporary scene and monologue work will be used in tandem with improvisation, theatre games, and original writing. Actors will find challenges from script to performance, while ensemble energy unites the company. Home work is necessary and supplements the class work. All levels welcome. Each term culminates with public performances.
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Making a Demo Reel Workshop

Ages 10 to Adults

Teacher: Mark Ruhala

Performers often need a good demo reel today for auditions and to send to agents and casting directors. Come learn about what a demo reel is, why it is important for performers, and finally how to make an affective demo reel that will get you jobs and get you noticed. At the end of this course you will create a demo reel under our guidance and you will have a great product to take away with you. We will supply the knowledge, the experience and the videographer to tape and edit your reel. You bring your enthusiasm and good work!
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Make a Kid’s Demo Reel

Age: 5-10
Teacher: Mark Ruhala

If a child performer has a demo reel, he/she will have a leg up. Kids who want to audition and get their personalities out to agents and casting directors are well served to have a demo reel which will highlight their work and stage presence. Even if you are not ready to audition yet but want to learn, this class is for you. In this class kids will learn about what a demo reel is, why it can be important to have, and how to make a good reel. Kids who have a demo reel of their work can constantly update it with future performances to showcase on their reel. At the end of this class the students will know all about demo reels and will have the experience of creating a reel for themselves. We will supply a videographer to tape and edit the reel and we will work with the kids and families to insure a great reel is made. Students will walk away with a great product that will serve their young performing careers well. Register Now!


Age: 5-8

Ruhala Performing Arts Center classes are fun-filled explorations of movement, space, song, rhythm, and dramatic storytelling. Simple structured improvisations allow the children to be themselves and follow their natural impulses within the group, social setting. The learning is experimental, with gentle guidance from the instructor. Imagination abounds in this special time for children to express themselves.
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Classes in Ballet and Jazz offered for BOYS ONLY in an atmosphere of encouragement, athletics, and self-confidence.

For Boys only! This class will create a safe space for boys to experience dance, expression, and performing. Much of the work will relate to sports and will help young athletes develop their agility and coordination. High energy exercises and fun routines and games will provide the foundation for the boys to explore and gain new knowledge. Acting Improv games open the boys imagination and provide a really fun way to make new friends.

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Home-Schoolers are already on the path to self-reliance and creative living. The performing arts are a way into further creative right-brain activity which balances the academics. Students will learn at their own pace.

Classes include:

  • Fun singing work with coaching of performances
  • Rhythmic and improvisational dancing and movements
  • Theater games based on impulsive reactions
  • Acting exercises that teach honesty in performance
  • Brain gym games that improve brain power

Bring your self, your child, friends, or a group, and come enjoy the freedom and esteem building of the performing arts.
The arts truly are for Everyone!

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When Summer comes, the Ruhala Performing Arts Center specializes in Singing, Acting, Glee, Dance & Comedy Improv Classes, camps and Private Lessons during the summer using Broadway and Pop Styles. Voice instruction focuses on proper use of the vocal instrument, dance classes focus on technique and choreography, acting lessons focus on truthful, emotional reality, and Improv classes are sheer fun while reacting quickly, intelligently, and effortlessly. Even when the school year ends, you can still be a star at Ruhala! Keep your eyes open for summer class schedules.

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