About 'Feature of the Month!' ...
We wanted to have a section in our new website that is celebratory, engaging, interactive, educational and of course, FUN! So we developed our “Feature of the Month” element to include people, (i.e. “Student/Legend/Alumni of the Month,”)  as well as subject matter (i.e. “Video/Book of the Month”) However, we are really most excited about our “Student of the Month” feature because it allows us just another way for us to show how proud we are of our students! And for our students to show their family and friends just how great they’re doing at RPAC! So, for the launch of the website, …following are the 4 categories we are featuring (currently) as our RPAC’s FEATURES OF THE MONTH!…:

Student of the Month

RPAC’s STUDENT of the MONTH is a student that has recently shown exceptional progress and commitment in their study, as well as their art. Add to that … a student with a great attitude! Knows how to work hard and have fun at the same time… shows respect for the artistic process and communicates the results to his/her peers through action. These are a few of the major considerations when deciding on “Student of the Month.”

Legend of the Month

So many great legends in the entertainment business that are not only great to learn about, but even better?  …LEARN FROM AS WELL! Biography, pictures, video, interviews, quotes are all included encapsulating RPAC’s “LEGEND OF THE MONTH.”

Where Are They Now?

Ruhala Performing Arts Center has sent of lot of young professionals out into the world and the entertainment industry! Perhaps you know some of them? And if you don’t? You would like to. In the “Where Are They Now” feature of the month, we catch up with a RPAC Alumi student and report on what they’s been doing? What has the work been like? Who have they worked with? etc. Where Are They Now?

Video of the Month

Just like the Legend of the Month, entertainment and so much to learn just by watching. Book, Film, or Theater of the Month. Great books on dance, acting, music, entertainers are featured and/or suggested. VIDEO OF THE MONTH

The webpage for each category will be designed and dedicated to the recipient for the month. When the following month arrives with new features, the past feature’s pages will still be available for viewing in the RPAC “Library” (Archives).  Stories, pictures, video, music, dancing, biographies, and interviews are just a few of the different elements that readers can expect to see when they visit RPAC’s “Features” section.

Especially good to know for the Student of the Month! If you are a student at RPAC and reading this? It’s time to consider two things: 1) What are you going to do to deserve the title of “Student of the Month?” and 2) What kind of things would you like to put on your page for the WORLD (wide-web)!?



We hope you enjoy our new features section. We are always open to suggestions for any other ideas or concepts you think we should consider? If you have a unique, interesting idea for an RPAC “FEATURE OF THE MONTH!”? Please send us an email and let us know! We love to receive feedback and suggestions! In the meantime…Please enjoy our current features and we hope that you come back again…next month! Cheers, the RPAC staff

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