A Letter from the Directors

Welcome to Ruhala Performing Arts Center!

Our MISSION at RPAC is to serve the greater Lansing area with the most professional theatrical expertise and instruction based on more than thirty years experience in the arts and entertainment industry. We aim to bring heart-centered work into everything we do. We believe the heart-center is the FEELING LEVEL; as well as the place where PASSION (and COMPASSION) reside; …and as for ARTS AND THE THEATER… well, they require both! We are enthusiastic about the theater and have subsequently dedicated our lives and careers to the craft of performing. We believe good performing skills teach invaluable life skills; as well as living skills!
That is why we welcome anyone with an enthusiastic spirit, an open heart, and the courage to challenge themselves beyond their own imagined limitations. We welcome you to come study with us at Ruhala Performing Arts Center and let us help you…



Ruhala Performing Arts Center specializes in Singing, Acting, Glee, Dance & Comedy Improv Classes, camps and Private Lessons during the summer using Broadway and Pop Styles. Voice instruction focuses on proper use of the vocal instrument, dance classes focus on technique and choreography, acting lessons focus on truthful, emotional reality, and Improv classes are sheer fun while reacting quickly, intelligently, and effortlessly.

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.” ― Martha Graham

Options of study for students and families at RPAC begin with:

  1. Once a week class; then
  2. Multiple classes and performing ensembles; then…
  3. Mentor training for the career minded student


Our excellent and trusted staff here at RPAC bring all of their experiences to each and every class! Broadway experience! International experience! Performing experience and more! And all of that experience is only supported more by years of teaching experience! At Ruhala Performing Arts Center, you (or your child) will learn proper technique correctly THE FIRST TIME so as to avoid establishing “bad habits” that need to be corrected later. Along with proper technique, there are a multitude of other skills that are stressed and emphasized in classes that are not just important for the arts, but to life and living, young or old…

Skills like…

  • Listening
  • Attention to Detail
  • Being open and available to your partner
  • Staying in the moment (where stress is absent)
  • Following your impulses
  • Trusting your feelings
  • Letting your body speak (staying out of your head)
  • Aligning your breath with your work, etc… 

A video message from the directors…


There are ample opportunities at RUHALA CENTER to perform before a live audience as we believe that performing keeps one healthy and vibrantly alive! Whether in Glee Club, our Actors Studio, or Dance Recitals and Concerts, there is always a stage with an opportunity waiting just behind a closing curtain to teach us about life energy and that if there are no limits to the imagination? THEN THERE ARE NO LIMITS!

Here at Ruhala Performing Arts Center, we are more than interested; WE ARE PASSIONATE about helping students of all ages realize their dreams and live optimally! Raising our awareness of how we react, what we really think and feel, and how others affect us, will inevitably, brings us closer to success.

So come and join us! Open yourself to creativity and be transformed into even more of your true and genuine self through the magic of theater! Experience possibilities and COME FIND YOUR ART! We are here to help you find your own special and creative path toward your goals! And we are prepared to help you realize your dreams by showing you that all you really need to do…is FIND YOUR ART!


We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!


Mark and Celina Ruhala
Founders & Artistic Directors




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