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That’s why we offer classes and instruction in a variety of “self-discovery” and modern techniques to help you calm your soul from within. From adult fitness and exercise classes to Reiki, Integrated Movement and Holistic Awareness, RPAC surely has something to offer any soul… young or old.

L.U.N.A.: Life’s Uplifting Natural Abundance

L.U.N.A. is an exceptional and intrinsic method of healing and life abundance energy techniques and classes offered by Ruhala Performing Arts Center. The L.U.N.A. classes offered by RPAC are created and managed by Ms. CELINA RUHALA, an experienced expert in the field as well as a master teacher.

Work Sweat Achieve

Ruhala Workout

Ready for a spartan workout which includes brain building? The Ruhala Workout class is based in using body weight, isometrics, brain gym and stationary exercises to improve strength in the body and mind. Learn about fitness as you workout- discover the benefits of short bursts of intense drills and the brain connections that accompany the fun. The class includes:
Working at your own pace

  • Strength work that suits your body without over exertion
  • Brain exercises that are simple and comprehensive
  • The importance of emotional balance in workouts
  • Fun, rotating structure that keeps it fresh and invigorating

Come challenge yourself! Come alone, bring a friend, or bring a group! Be ready to MOVE! The Joy of Strength is rewarding and esteem building.

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Yoga Health and Fitness

Yoga is a marvelous mind/body/spirit raising way of approaching health and inner peace. Ruhala uses simple master exercises that all ages and levels can do combined with simple poses which can be modified for individual needs. Learn about the principles Ruhala utilizes to maintain health and fitness, including:

  • The importance of balance
  • Motivational techniques that work
  • Food as the basis of health
  • How the brain gets stronger
  • Why inner emotional chemistry is vitally important
  • The path to real, lasting change

This class is a gift to yourself. It is a time for you to give to your inner life the necessary attention to feel better and good! Start now!

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Reiki Kids

Children are naturally aware of energy. They can sense it, feel it and are still connected to their intuitions when they are young. This class is a wonderful way to build upon the innate abilities children have and provide them with the gift of self healing through Reiki. In this hectic society, Reiki can be used to calm emotions and reduce stress which many children unfortunately experience. Many, fun, engaging, hands on activities will teach the students about the Reiki energy and its history. Once attuned to Reiki, they will enjoy learning how to use it to heal themselves, parents, siblings and whoever is open to receive Reiki through their beautiful little hands!

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Reiki Teens

Teenagers are at a special time in their lives when they are reaching out, expanding and coming into their own. With all this growth and discovery comes emotional distress at times when things just don’t seem to be going their way. Reiki is an invaluable tool that can be used to ground, center and balance emotions – all things that teens can benefit from. Engaging, hands on activities will teach teens how to feel, recognize and work with energy. Students will learn the history of Reiki, the basic principles and be attuned to the healing Reiki energy. Once attuned, hands on practice time in class will teach the students how to channel the healing energy for self healing along with the healing of others. Teens will find this class to be rewarding and empowering.

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