Artistic Director and Broadway Veteran Mr. Mark Ruhala, along with Musical Director Mr. Jeff English have comprised a Voice and Musical Theater curriculum and various programs to offer sound technique, performance experience and a “theatrical confidence and self-esteem” to every student, from the beginning level through Advanced Professional.

Whether you are interested in singing for fun or as a profession; the Music Program here at RPAC has the classes, the instruction, the teachers, and the experience for you!

Glee Clubs I & II


What is more fun than to sing and dance while we’re young! This is where it happens! Our Glee classes are so fun and energizing, full of spontaneous joy and life. Continuous development of the fundamental acting, singing and movement skills of Broadway musical theatre are the focus. Group songs and scenes are staged and ensemble energy and unity are the teaching focus. Projection, diction and stage presence are emphasized in solo work. Songs, dances, monologues and scenes are selected from the broad range of classic and contemporary Broadway to give these youngsters firsthand experience with their favorite works. Ruhala Performing Arts Center Musical Theatre classes are ideal training grounds for the future Junior Broadway Ensemble.

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Sing your best today! We can take your voice and transform it with a very unique approach to singing called Controlled Relaxation Technique.  Nothing replaces the weekly voice lessons that serious singers take. These lessons keep the singer in their best voice, ready to audition or perform, and constantly developing their singing skills. Singing is a muscular activity and we use our bodies in ways to release our voice and free it to open and express ourselves while musically entertaining our audiences. Individual lessons or 10 lesson discounted packages are available. Students are asked to tape the lessons and to practice at home regularly. Come try a private lesson and experience for yourself the many incredible benefits of personal instruction!

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Junior Broadway Ensemble

(Performance Group!)
Age: 6-12

The Junior Broadway Ensemble is a wonderfully intense twice-a-week training program for young students. This program aims to create triple threat performers who excel equally in singing, acting, and dance. It is a well rounded learning experience that opens the imaginations and creativity of each student. Best of all the kids become like a family and have harmonious relationships that often create BFF’s. The twice a week study culminates in Broadway show performances. This year (2017-2018) we tackle Hamilton and will present selections from the ground-breaking musical that had swept the nation. In the Spring there will be additional rehearsals scheduled for the show. Often the Junior Broadway Ensemble also performs in special community events such as Silverbells.

Growth and development are essential features of this hard working fun process.

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Musical Theater Ensemble

(Performance Group!)

Performance is the main focus. The class will be treated as a workshop where students come prepared to perform and receive direction. Instruction will be guided by the individual student’s needs and the material being performed. Students will work on scenes and songs from the best of musical theatre, so both acting and singing will be stressed through the musical form. Performance styles will become sophisticated and in-depth as students reach for deeper truth in their expression. The ensemble will also give public performances. All levels welcome. Each term culminates with public performances.

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Come learn about best practices for a healthy and vibrant singing voice. Learn exercises and skills that will serve you forever more. Learn how to care for your voice, how to improve it, and how to enjoy and love your singing voice. Classes will involve singing in front of the class to practice performing skills. Stage presence and performing habits will be a strong focus of the class work. Gain invaluable information and lots of good experience as well. This class is for anyone at any level interested in learning basic skills to advance skills – each student will be taught from their level. Advanced singers can use the class to workshop new songs and get lots of performing experiences. Beginners will have a great start from this class. Come and let your voice ring out!


When the Summer comes, Ruhala Performing Arts Center specializes in Singing, Acting, Glee, Dance & Comedy Improv Classes, camps and Private Lessons during the summer using Broadway and Pop Styles. Voice instruction focuses on proper use of the vocal instrument, dance classes focus on technique and choreography, acting lessons focus on truthful, emotional reality, and Improv classes are sheer fun while reacting quickly, intelligently, and effortlessly. When the school year ends, you can still be a star at Ruhala!

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