Mission Statement

Ruhala Performing Arts Center  (RPAC)

is a professional training center whose mission is  to assist people of all ages in their voluntary pursuit of self-discovery through the performing and healing arts: Acting, Singing, Dance, Yoga, Brain Development, Reiki, Meditation, Breathing, Mental Focus, and more. Our mission is to take the student from where they are and provide a path to achieve their dreams and goals, be they career minded or simply as a hobbyist.  Ruhala believes that theatre is a vehicle for personal development. 


RPAC offers classes in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Broadway Dance, Acting, Singing, Improv; as well as YOGA, a Pre-School Program, and a BOYS ONLY CLASS…

simply put…Ruhala Performing Arts Center is a SERIOUS STUDIO for the SERIOUS STUDENT! For our students and faculty, FUN is WORKING HARD at WHAT WE LOVE TO DO!

Stage craft, when approached holistically and organically, is transformational in nature as it changes the individuals who engage the work from their authentic selves. Psychologists have shown us that as children we can create “false selves” through our adaptations to other peoples’ considerations. In stage work our false selves interfere with honest expression. At Ruhala Performing Arts Center, we assist performers of all ages to discover their inner potential, riches of spirit, intelligence and confidence. In essence; Ruhala Method is empowering the INDIVIDUAL!


Work and train in theatre craft with heart-centered business, personal, and professional relationships that facilitate transformation. Ruhala Center borrows its definition of the heart-center from Brugh Joy: compassion, harmony, healing, and unconditional love.


Focus comes when participating in joyful classes, challenging rehearsals, and concluding in fun and exciting performances that change those who participate. Performing arts work has the potential for transformation. Ruhala Center’s aim is for students and performers to become more fully who they intrinsically are, from three-year olds to adults.


The Center’s philosophy begins with the idea that the theatre is a vehicle for personal development. Ruhala Center hopes to assist students and performers in discovering their inner potential. It is our belief that inside each child are mature energies waiting to be introduced. As such, inside each adult are child-like energies hoping to play. Being fully present, in the moment, with an open heart, allows one the vulnerability necessary to discover the depth of performing arts transformation. Wildly freeing, and invigoratingly rewarding when we perform.


Ruhala Center integrates traditional performing arts training with yoga, Brain Gym and attachment child development theory. Classes are spontaneous and flow from the moment at hand.Activities and topics of conversation are open to go anywhere.  In particular Ruhala work involves the new edge science of epigenetics and quantum physics theory.

These ideas and performing arts activities are a good balance for what we are taught in schools today: they are transformative for students who learn about them!